I have been asked many times now to create a 'Happy Mail' box for an individual going through chemotherapy. Initially I was unsure I could do this box justice and worried about how perfect it needed to be. 


I decided to speak to some amazing survivors and ask them what they felt would have been a little boost in a box of treats.


This box is their answer.


I then spent a long time searching for a fitting 'quote' to complete the box. When I saw this one it just felt right......Meet our 'With Brave Wings she Flies' box. 


For every box sold which contains the pink labelled 'Queasy Drops' a donation will be made to the 'Stop Cancer Marni Fund' into breast cancer research. 


The box contains:
1 x 100% cotton scarf in either grey, jade or cream (suggested by the ladies as a head scarf or worn around the neck as a lovely gift)
1 x Queasy Drops. (I kept hearing so much about these from those being treated for Chemotherapy. I have had ours imported from the USA to ensure all certificates are present and the product is genuine. These are all natural, drug free & doctor recommended to help each a queasy stomach)
1 x Notebook
1 x Pen (All of the wonderful people I spoke to explained how important it was for them to record their thoughts at this time)
1 x 'Be Brave' bangle (No more needs to be said about this one)
1 x Cocktail Lip Balm (The ladies all talked about painful cracked lips. These lip balms are made using high quality Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax and have a natural SPF of 15.)
1 x Motivational Card, 'With Brave Wings She Flies'. 


All of this will be carefully gift wrapped and sent with a personal message. We can never take away the pain of this period in a person's life but we hope we can let them know they are loved and not alone.


Our Happy Mail prices include all postage and packaging so please add HAPPY at the checkout for our postage charges to be removed. 


'With Brave Wings' Chemotherapy Box