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A stunning gift for a busy friend and important reminder to slow down and not forget yourself at this busy time of the year. We also adore that people have been buying this as a gift to themselves as an alternative advent calendar. Self care is the best care! Inside the gift box you will find:


1 x Hug biscuit (please note these have replaced the chocolate in the picture)

1 x Candle Melts by the small UK business Nurtured By Nature

1 x I am Enough pin brooch by Baba Roo

1 x Award Winning Spacemask by the small UK business Spacemasks

1 x Nail File

1 x Wish bracelet by the small UK business Wish Strings

1 x Cuddle in a cup hot chocolate by the UK business Clipper Teas.

1 x Stress relieving epsom salts by the small UK business Nurtured by Nature

2 x Positive postcards by Baba Roo.


Pop them around the house to remember and read the words when you need to. All of this will be sent in a recyclable gift box, wrapped in rainbow ribbon and have a self care box postcard which explains the concept and idea of the box. Sooooooo many small UK businesses all supporting positive mental health and self care xxxx

Self Care Gift Box

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