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Tracking our children's emotions can be very powerful in recognising days when negative emotions consistently occur. Through discussion of these days with your child you can hopefully address the issues and help. 


I have been a Primary School Teacher for 18 years and have  done something similarin my class. One Year 6 boy consistently had embarrassed and scared on a Wednesday. After much discussion these feelings turned out to be about the fact he could not tie up his football boots at training on a Wednesday night and his peers were mocking him. These types of incidents may seem ‘simple’ to us but they are relative to the child’s life and it’s never a competition to see who is worried about the biggest thing- every worry matters.


We spent time with this boy and taught him how to tie his boots and also discussed how asking for help is nothing to be embarrassed about. As the weeks went on his Wednesdays turned to ‘happy’. Such a simple chart can have a massive impact if used consistently.


We have a version of this sheet too. 

Printer Friendly Weekly Feelings Forecast

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