The aim of our 'Happy Mail' is to send a special gift to someone who needs a little hello. Sometimes life is hard and this little box is for those occasions and to remind someone how loved they are and that they are in your thoughts. This is our 'Hugs' box. 
This box contains: 
1 x Chocolate stick from the small UK business The Chocolat Story. Each stick is spray painted with edible paint! We offer a vegan and dairy free option of these too. 
1 x Hanging metal heart. Go on, hang it somewhere special and whenever you are feeling low give it a rub and remember how loved you are. 
2 x Clipper Organic Teabags. Clipper is a British, fair-trade tea company based in Dorset. Fair-trade and organic are very important to us at Baba Roo. We have chosen 'Snore & Peace' and 'Calmer Chameleon' for this box. Get one of these brewed and sip these perfectly picked tea leaves. 
1 x 'Be Brave' cuff bangle.  Just a glance towards one of these while you are wearing one is a reminder of what you can do. 
1 x 'Credit card' quote. These are made for us by the small UK business 'Everly & Me'. We are thrilled to support them and have these made for us. These are for the recipient to pop in their purse/pocket and carry around with them to remember these words. This one says 'All will be well'.
1 x Candle melt. These are also made for us by a small UK business Scent Saints. A super fresh and calming scent.
1 x Postcard. This contains the beautiful A.A.Milne quote 'You are braver than you believe....'. Pop this somewhere you pass often and we hope it will remind you of your strength. 
We hope this box helps you remember 'Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words'. 
All our 'Happy Mail' will be carefully gift wrapped and can be sent with a personalised note. They all include our yellow Happy Mail postcard which explains the concept.
The cost above includes all package and postage costs. Therefore at the checkout please add the discount code HAPPY and postage costs will be removed.
If you don't feel a particular item in this box is perfect for the recipient then just pop us a message and we can swap it. We are HAPPY to help!

'Hugs' Happy Mail Box