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Our Happiness Journal is based on research in positive journalling and from Lorna's experience working with children for over 20 years. All of the sheets have been trialled and the feeback has been exceptionally rewarding. 


In each book you will find 4 weeks worth of content. These are:


Daily Happiness Journal Sheets: We recommend doing these at bedtime when your child feels safe and comfortable. The sheet remains the same every day apart from the daily tick off list. The journal helps your child identify key elements of their day which can aid in their happiness and gratitude. The tick lists do repeat weekly and as your child begins to digest these elements of each day they will be able to look out for them in their daily lives. Each item to tick off has been carefully chosen and an activity which has been proven to improve positive mental health and wellbeing. 


Weekly Feelings Forecast: These can be completed daily alongside your Happiness Journal very swiftly. These sheets are particularly powerful in identifying repeating patterns in your child's emotional health. If your child for example, feels repeatedly anxious on a Wednesday this can be identified and discussions on why this happens can be carried out. 


Please note on the Weekly Feelings Forecast some text has been lost on the binding but this does not affect the use of the sheets at all. This will be rectified on the next batch printed. 

Happiness Journal for Kids

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