The aim of our 'Happy Mail' is to send a piece of the rainbow through the post to someone special. This 'Fairy Magic' box is full of sparkle and magic fairy wishes. 


This box contains: 


1 x Wooden fairy door. Put this someone special so that your fairy friends can enter and leave your home. Feed a little one's imagination and dream of who may visit!


1 x Mini garden sign. Put this proudly in your garden or in a plant pot to let all those magical friends know they are welcome.


1 x 'Fairy Wishes' mini sign. Hang this somewhere special. Give it a rub when you feel you need to make a special fairy wish. A fairy will be close by listening. 


1 x Fairy trinket dish. Ideal for when a very famous fairy comes to visit.....the Tooth Fairy!! Leave your tooth safely on this dish and see what will be there by the morning. Equally leave a little note or gift for your fairy friends- I am sure they will send a little something back!


1 x Hanging Fairy. Go on, hang this some where close by and do what it says in her heart 'Dream' or "Believe'. 


A wonderfully magical 'Happy Mail' box. Always remember to 'Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly'. xxxxx


All our 'Happy Mail' will be carefully gift wrapped and can be sent with a personalised note.


The cost above includes all package and postage costs. Therefore at the checkout please add the discount code HAPPY and postage costs will be removed.


If you don't feel a particular item in this box is perfect for the recipient then just pop us a message and we can swap it. We are HAPPY to help!




'Fairy Magic' Happy Mail Box


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